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UM General Conference 2019

I wanted to share just a few thoughts on the upcoming General Conference in St. Louis. First, let me say that I am praying that the delegates truly listen to one another and the Holy Spirit as they search what God's will might be for the church and its mission to the world. I hope the following reflections are offered in the spirit that is both conciliar and conciliatory. I offer these thoughts as ten theses. 1) The Church is the Body of Christ and hence much greater than The United Methodist Church. I hope the delegates will keep this in mind. As much affection as many have for The United Methodist Church, it is but a very small slice of global Christianity. The Church existed long before John Wesley came around, and certainly much longer than the late 1960's when the current denomination formed. 2) Human pride in a denomination is not wrong; no more wrong than human pride in a favorite athletic team, or beloved rock band is misplaced. However, when this affinity becomes e