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Comments on North Carolina Amendment One

While driving in the car today, I heard that Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham weighed in on the North Carolina amendment against gay marriage. I respect these North Carolina natives.  As a Christian, I treasure much of the work they have both done for God's kingdom.  However, their statements sadden me, not so much because of the politics that I don't agree with, but because of how they use the Bible to support their position.  As a Biblical scholar and a professing Christian, it saddens me to see these men, who are generally regarded as statesmen of the faith, misusing a book I have devoted my life to teaching and studying.  Instead of using this as an opportunity to share a Biblical word of comfort, reconciliation, or even a prophetic word against dehumanizing prejudice, these men used their prominent positions to once again confirm the media's image of Christians, their God, and their Bible as petty and mean-spirited. Gay marriage is already illegal in North